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There are three basic types of filtration, mechanical, chemical and biological. A mechanical filter removes waste particles and solid debris through mechanical straining. The chemical filter media actively change water characteristics through deliberately managed chemical reactions and biological filter media break down and eliminate organic toxins—ammonia and nitrite—through bacterial action.

Fluval G series uses these basic functions in an entirely new and unique filtration concept. The mechanical pre-filter and the chemical filter media are now housed in cartridges which are directly accessible from the top of the filter. Both can be cleaned or replaced without the laborious chore of disassembling the whole filter. Changing or maintaining each cartridge is now quick and mess free.


The traditional mechanical filtration foam has been replaced with a compact high capacity pleated cartridge that traps significantly more suspended debris. As this is a closed system without a bypass, all water flowing through the system is directed through the center of the mechanical cartridge. Routine cleaning of the mechanical cartridge will prevent the solid wastes from breaking down and contributing to elevated phosphate and nitrate levels. The result is clearer water and less solubilized wastes.


During the subsequent chemical filtration all water is forced through the chemical media, ensuring maximum water treatment and consequently a highly efficient filtration process.


Following the mechanical and chemical cleaning, water enters into the biological filtration. This last stage of filtration has been enhanced through the new Fluval G-Nodes. Two sizes of these highly porous ceramic G-Nodes fill the bio baskets. Specially engineered and manufactured, the tunnels and caves of the G-Nodes can accommodate billions of nitrifying bacterial, essential for active biological filtration.

Fluval offers an extensive array of premium quality replacement filter media. The true power of the Fluval G cartridge system is the combination of filter design and filtration media options. The combination provides maximum flexibility when managing the aquatic environment.

Mechanical Filtration

Fluval Mechanical Pre-Filter Fluval Fine Pre-Filter Cartridge
Chemical Filtration

Fluval Nitrate Cartridge Fluval Phosphate Cartridge
Fluval G Tri-Ex Cartridge Fluval G3 / G6 Chemical

Fluval G-Nodes – Biological Filtration Media


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